Are waterrowering machines any good?

Recently, waterrowers have become increasingly more popular. Water rowing machines became more popular after appearing on the ‘House of Cards’. In the TV show, Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is seen using his water rowing machine to get in shape.

Water rowing machines are not new. Waterrowing machine first saw the light in the mid-80s. John Duke, a national team rower designed it as a good alternative to regular water rowing. In 1988, Duke started selling these machines commercially.

Water Rower
Waterrowers sure do look good but are they actually any good?

Waterrowing machines are not cheap. They are more expensive than regular rowing machines. Even though water rowing machines are more expensive, they have a lot of advantages. Waterrowers have a very great performance. They are a lot more quieter when in use and not to mention that they are easy to store and look a lot better in your living room or back yard.

Waterrowering Machine Aesthetics

Most waterrowing machines on the market are made out of quality wood. Top of the line experts carefully craft these beautiful machines. Such machines can be easily stored but the option to put them on display in your living room is also there as water rowing machines look exceptionally good. Waterrowers are made out of different wood types. It could be Oak, Cherry or Ash.

Unlike their counterparts that use air, waterrowers are a lot more quieter. Because of their exceptional construction, the only thing you will hear is the swishing of the water which creates a feeling of you are actually being in the river, rowing.

Waterrower’s rowing action

There is nothing like a waterrower machine today because of the patented technology. It is not easy to replicate something like actual water rowing but most recent water rowing machines do a great job of making you feel like you are actually rowing in a river or a lake. Water is a lot denser than air. It means that there is enough resistance variability from the water itself. The harder you pull, the harder it will become to pull. There is no need to keep adjusting the waterrower like you would have to do on an air rowing machine.

Waterrower’s storage

The storage of a water rowing machine is also a lot better. All waterrowers have an ability to stand upright without a problem. When a waterrower stands in this position it only takes a little space. It is very beneficial for small apartments.

Waterrower’s ergonomics

Waterrower has a flat seat, which unlike Concept2 rower, has a minor tilt in the front. It is a lot more comfortable. Especially, if you have knee problems. The seat is also quite soft so it is comfortable.

Summary, are waterrowing machines any good?

Water rowing machine is a good alternative to air rowers. It is compact and comfortable to use. It has a good looking design. A water rowing machine is something you would really like to have for your workouts.


WaterRower is probably the most famous company that makes these machines. The products they offer do not vary much, mostly in color. These are some of the products they offer.

WaterRower A1

WaterRower A1

Really a beautiful looking thing. A1 is both a great quality product and beautiful to look at. This model is most basic.

WaterRower Ash

WaterRower Ash

Ash is made out of ash wood and honey oak. These are very sturdy materials and look very light in color.

WaterRower Classic

WaterRower Classic

Model classic looks very classy. It is made out of a little bit darker wood to suit the design. Uses American Black Walnut.

WaterRower Vintage Oak

WaterRower Vintage Oak

Vintage Oak is another one of darker models but it looks different with water tank being more light.

WaterRower Club

WaterRower Club

This is similar to other products. It is finished with a black and rose stain and a bit of danish oil. Looks very solid if you are looking for something more darker in your room.

WaterRower Gronk M1

WaterRower Gronk

Gronk is a top-rated WaterRower. It looks more professional than other models but is as good and made with as much detail in mind as the others.

WaterRower Oxbridge

WaterRower Oxbridge

OxBridge is another amazing machine from this company. If it is more to your style just choose this.

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